Project's description

Market Promotion and Development of Eco-Processes for Waste Oils and Petroleum Residues – MARE

MARE is an eco-innovative project implemented by CYCLON HELLAS SA (an industrial and commercial company) and ECOLOGICAL RECYCLING SOCIETY (a non governmental organization) supported by European Union’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme – Eco-innovation 2010 initiative.

The project

MARE project will develop an eco-innovative process for material recovery from waste oils and petroleum residues based on thin-film evaporation, a technique that has not been used up to present for the material recovery of waste oils and petroleum residues. The new processing unit will be erected in the existing CYCLON’s used lube oil re-refinery.



The specific objectives of MARE project are:

  • To promote an innovative, greener technique for the recovery of materials from waste oil and petroleum residues by evaporation.
  • To minimize the market obstacles and barriers for a greener treatment and marketing of waste oil and petroleum residues by evaporation.
  • To promote the sustainable use of natural resources, specifically lubricant oils and petroleum, with a life-cycle approach, in order to decouple environmental impact from economic growth by regenerating and recycling waste oils and petroleum residues into a “new product” rather than extracting further resources.
  • To contribute to the effective implementation of the Thematic Strategy on Waste and Natural Resources; new Waste Framework Directive, the Hazardous Waste Directive and the POP Regulation.

Expected results

Today, waste oils and petroleum residues are often mixed with waste lube oils resulting in poor re-generation of both organic wastes streams. Collecting and re-generating separately those 2 waste streams will have the following results:

  • Significant material recovery from waste oils and petroleum residues (up to 80%) of high quality fuel like vacuum gas oil and residual heavy fuel oil.
  • Higher calorific value fuel derived from waste oils and petroleum residues compared to separation techniques actually used.
  • The use of the breakthrough thin film evaporation method in the new processing unit will significantly decrease maintenance shut downs.
  • As 2.000 tn/y of waste oils and petroleum residues will be processed separately, CYCLON waste lube oil re-refinery will be able to process additionally 2.000 tn/y of waste lube oils and produce 1.400 tn/y of re-refined lubricants (70% efficiency of the process).
  • Quality increase of the re-generated lubricants as the process feed will be free from other petroleum wastes.
  • As used lube oils entering in the re-refining unit will be clean from other petroleum wastes, there will be an increase of the operating period of used lube oils re-refining between maintenance shut downs and an increase of the operating period of catalysts which are used in the re-generation process and which are negatively affected by impurities.

MARE project represents a key opportunity for the promotion of the sustainable waste management of waste oils and petroleum residues and one of its main targets is to promote the transferability and replication of the eco-innovative technology to other relevant companies. In addition, CYCLON will be available to all relevant companies in Greece and Europe to demonstrate the technology and how it operates.

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MARE project is 42% funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme of the European Union.

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