PHOBIOR – An innovative photo-bioreactor for the production of micro algae with high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids

On 10 October 2012, ecoduna launched the first algae-breeding facility world-wide which is capable of utilizing the sun’s rays entirely.

Algae are among the most important products of the third industrial revolution. They are the most likely resource to replace crude oil as an energy source and as a raw material in the synthetics industry.

The launch of the ecoduna industrial demonstration plant marks the removal of a further hurdle on the path to a global sustainable future using renewable resources.

PHOBIOR has succeeded in inventing a system which can capture the entire sunlight shining on a given surface area and convert it into valuable biomass through photosynthesis. Inspired by the efficiency of trees, which are able to photosynthesize over 25 times more sunlight than that which would fall on the surface area they cover, the developers have implemented this phenomenon in a technical system to breed algae.

By increasing the surface area to the sun and turning the units containing algae to track the sunlight, ALL algae are exposed to sunlight AT ALL TIMES. The light intensity is regulated so that the algae are not damaged by over-exposure to sunlight.

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Environmental improvements:

  • CO2 as a valuable resource:1.8 tons of CO2 needed for 1 ton of produced algal biomass
  • Oxygen produced: About same amount as biomass
  • Production of omega-3 (quality) – Instead of killing fish
  • Industrial production (e.g. 24/7): Using artificial light to “extend” the day – for high value products
  • No fuel vs. food issue! with the ecoduna system


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